Use the colour calculator to predict the possible colour outcome from a given mating. Please note the following:

1) The colour calculator is based on genotypes, so even there is no such thing as a solid red in phenotype, a solid red in genotype can produce different results in a mating if mated with a non-agouti or non-agouti carrier. The same thing applies to amber.

2) In case of silver/smoke the calculator considers that the parents are only heterozygote for the inhibitor gene meaning that even if you mate two silver/smoke cats, they can still produce offspring without silver/smoke. The same thing applies to the spotting gene ("with white").

3) White (all white) is not included in the colour calculator, because it is not possible to calculate any other colours than white, unless it is known which colour is "underneath" the white coat. If you know this, select this colour and just add white to the result, and you have the possible outcome.

WH:With white
DI:Dilution carrier
NA:Non-agouti carrier




The colour calculator was developed by Flemming Vorbeck, DK Vorbeck.

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