FREE Pedigree Cat Breeder Supplies Checklist

This free downloadable checklist includes 32 items with links that every cat breeder needs in their cattery. These items cover all the bases, starting at general care of the cats in your cattery, to the items you need for taking care of neonatal kittens, helping your queens through delivery, and medicines to have on hand for emergencies and taking care of general cat illnesses. 

Getting started as a pedigree cat breeder is hard. I remember struggling to even know what I needed for the cats in my cattery. I couldn’t find a simple list anywhere and no one had the time to help me.

In fact, I was starting to think I’d never be able to start my cattery without all my supplies.. (You can’t believe how happy I am it never came to that. But the possibility was very real.)

As a cat breeder, you’ve undoubtedly been in the same position. You know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to know as a new breeder.
That’s exactly how I felt.

That’s why I created this awesome checklist that has all the essential items you need as a cat breeder, and also links to items I personally recommend so you don’t have to go searching for it yourself!

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