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This is the Facebook Group where you can post all of your questions, concerns, stories or problems and not be met with mean, nasty, rude comments. This is the safe space for all pedigree cat breeders to be free of any judgement and be comfortable getting advice on the hard parts of breeding.

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In Pursuit of Building A Better Community For Pedigree Cat Breeders

Everyone was new at some point. If you’re new, you’ve probably been met with some resistance or negativity. You’ve finally found a group of people that supports you, and wants you to succeed. In fact, all of the tools you need to accomplish that are right here!

There are plenty of Facebook groups that you can join, but none like ours. While others claim to be “polite”, things get out of hand all the time and someone walks away with their feelings hurt or gets shut down.

Our group is closely monitored and anyone with a negative attitude, nasty comments, or that leaves a bad mark is immediately removed. We have a NO BULLSHIT policy and no second chances.

Our group rules

These are the rules in place to keep our group hag-free*

No judging any breeder, regardless of experience.

We offer a positive community to breeders of all levels. Be positive and supportive to everyone. “Judging” someone in our community means implying or speaking to someone like they’re inferior to you. Any negativity to other breeders will result in being removed from the group.

No telling members they shouldn’t breed their cat.

We don’t allow members to “advise” other member whether or not they should breed their cat, unless they specifically ask if it’s advisable. We also don’t offer advice as to spaying or neutering adults, unless specifically asked for.

Select your words carefully.

Making comments or posts that contain the words “reputable”, “responsible”, “ethical”, or “backyard breeder (BYB)” will be reviewed for its context. These words typically have some derogatory intent attached. Negativity will also not be tolerated.

Don’t be snarky or rude. No Bashing Allowed.

We don’t allow bashing of any kind to anyone, either inside or outside of our community. This includes other breeders, couriers, buyers, clubs, etc. No snarky or rude comments.

Pedigree Cat Breeders Only

We only support Pedigree Cat Breeders. If we suspect that your cattery or your cats aren’t registered, or that you’re breeding mixes, you’ll be removed from the group. We don’t offer support for accidentally or planned litters of DLH or DSH.

Always do your own research

This group is filled with experiences and advice from breeders that all have their own opinions. Always do your own research and never follow what someone says just because they said it. Use the advice to point yourself in the right direction.

Just Don’t Be a Cat Hag

You may know more and do things different than the members of our group. That doesn’t give you the right to be snarky, rude, or low key insinuate that they are less of a person or breeder than you. WE CAN SMELL HAGS FROM A MILE AWAY.

Promotions Must Be Approved by Admin

We love to share highly valuable resources with our group. Promotions of any kind must be approved by admins first. Send DM with details.

No Use of “Scare Tactics”.

Replying with comments that use scare tactics to try to prevent new breeders from pursuing their passion will not be tolerated.


We’re all waiting for you… 🙂

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