Breed Standard

Breed standard is a set of guidelines that is used to ensure that cats produced by breeders conform to the specifics of the breed.

Every breed has its own set of specific standards. Every breeder should study the standard of their in great depth and strive to meet the standards. When you’re just starting out, just reading the guidelines isn’t enough. You need to look at hundreds and hundreds of photos of cats before you can identify the ones that meet the standard. Hopefully your mentor shows cats and is able to help you look for discrepancies in the standard,

There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Cat

Remember the Goals of Your Cattery are: Health, Temperament, and Type
It’s almost impossible to find a Cat that meets all 3 of these perfectly. Don’t ever compromise health or temperament to gain type. Try to find the perfect balance

What is the Breed Standard for Your Cat?

If the Cat Registry hosts cat shows, then they will have a written breed standard document for each breed that is recognized. You can find the breed standard listed on each Registry’s website.

Review the Breed Standard for your chosen breed in both registry’s and see if (and how) they differ.

Assignment: Write a Description or Find the PDF of the Breed Standard for your Chosen Breed and upload it as a PDF document in the box below.

The Breed Standard Description should include (at a minimum) Head, Muzzle, Eyes, Tail, Body, Profile, Legs, Feet, Torso, Ears, Coat Color, Length and Pattern

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