LIVE TRAINING – Breaking Taboos: Nurturing Success in Pedigree Cat Breeding, Embrace Profitability with a Mindset Makeover

Stop thinking it’s wrong to earn from your passion for cat breeding. We’ll show you how changing your thinking to one of success and prosperity can really boost your cattery, all while keeping your breeding ethical.

Hear from an expert in the field about making your breeding program profitable, understanding the cat breeding business, and finding chances to make more money.

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You will Learn To Master Each of These Essential Steps.

> Getting over the taboo of not profiting from pedigree cat breeding.
> Tips for thinking in ways that help you succeed in cat breeding.
> Practical advice on taking your breeding program from hobby to profitable career.
> How to make money without compromising on being good and fair to the cats.

Key Benefits

Why You Need To Change Your Mindset

Your Time Is Money

As cat breeders, we spend almost all of our time taking care of our cats and kittens. Your time is your most valuable asset, and you should absolutely be compensated for the physical and emotional effort you put in each and every day.

Better Breeding Cats

When you make money breeding, you can reinvest into your breeding program. This investment can lead to healthier, happier cats that meet and exceed breed specifications, enhancing the breed’s reputation and value.


It costs a lot to take good care of cats, and if you aren’t making money, your career as a breeder will be very short lived. Making money allows you to cover the considerable costs, including health screenings, veterinary care, proper nutrition, and living conditions.

A training you won’t want to miss

Why Enroll in This Live Training?

Expert Guidance

Learn from an expert in several business ventures that understands the unique needs of catteries and is dedicated to seeing you succeed. No gatekeeping here!

Customizable Ideas

This training will offer you a range of strategies specifically designed for cat breeders. You can choose what you want to enhance your mindset about profitability in catteries.

Easy-to-Follow Strategies

We break down the process of changing your mindset into one for success in an easy to follow way that you can start implementing right away.

Long-Term Benefits

Implementing the strategies you learn in this event will provide long-term benefits, helping you maintain a successful mind set for the life of your cattery.

Meet the teacher

Expert in cattery business marketing

Tracy Caywood

Tracy has been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years. She has started several businesses and built them to success from the ground up.

She has spent her years perfecting the craft of digital marketing, and when she became a breeder, knew she wanted to offer her expertise to the world of breeders.

That is why she is the perfect teacher to help you completely transform your mindset to one for success.

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