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Turn Your Love of Breeding Cats into a Profitable Business

Cat Breeder Sensei is a small woman owned business that is dedicated to helping new and experienced breeders turn their love for breeding cats into a profitable business. We’re a mother-daughter team with 7 years experience as Maine Coon breeders, and over 25 years of combined knowledge as digital marketers.

In 2020, we decided to start Cat Breeder Sensei, and are the only online on-demand learning center for cat breeders. What started as an idea to change the space from a negative, unfriendly environment to a friendly, supportive community has now evolved full circle.

Cat Breeder Sensei Has Something for All Levels

  • Birthing the idea of Becoming a Cat Breeder
  • Have a Strong Passion for a Certain breed and Want to Learn More Before Making the Commitment
  • Want to Learn The Basics Before You Jump In Head First
  • Have Been Breeding for a Few years, but feel like you could do better
  • Want to add some branding to you cattery and become a well known breeder
  • Are tired of “breaking even” and want to see a profit from your efforts
  • Have looked and asked, but can’t find a mentor anywhere
  • Are tired of relying on Facebook and/or Instagram to sell kittens
  • Are having a hard time selling kittens, they’re selling slow, or you’re dropping prices in order to sell

Training Courses for Cat Breeders

There’s a course for people who are brand new on the scene who may or may not have found a mentor yet. Getting the foundational education about breeding cats is super important. It will give you the confidence that you need to be out there on your own if you have to be.

There’s also a more advanced course for breeders who want to level up their business, and start making a profit. Using our marketing expertise, we guide you step by step through our marketing system and teach you how to implement some of the best, most effective techniques into your cattery. We’ve seen catteries make a total transformation in their presentation, their branding, and their PROFITS just by following our Cattery Blueprint.

Judgement Free Community for Breeders

Everyone was new at some point. If you’re new to cat breeding, you’ve probably been met with some resistance or negativity. You’ve finally found a group of people that supports you, and wants you to succeed. In fact, all of the tools you need to accomplish that are right here!

There are plenty of Facebook groups that you can join, but none like ours. While others claim to be “poilte”, things get out of hand all the time and someone walks away with their feelings hurt or gets shut down.

Join the No Judgement Zone Facebook Group for Breeders

cat breeder facebook group breeding support

Judgement Free Facebook Group of over 1,000 members that you can join, that has a zero tolerance for catty comments. Anyone is welcome in our group as long as our “Don’t be a Cat Hag” rules aren’t broken.

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Founded in 2020, We’re Supporting Cat Breeders All Over the World

For the first in cat breeding history, you finally have a library of information available at your fingertips, without having to answer anyone, or get bashed for being a breeder.


Take Your Cattery to a New Level

Persian Cat Sitting on Stairway

How Much Do You Know About Breeding Cats?

The this simple quiz and find out!

The Following quiz consists of 20 questions that are pulled at random from our final exam on the Complete Guide to Breeding Pedigree Cats training course. It’s all basic knowledge every breeder should have in their knowledge bank.

Take the short quiz and see how you score. GOOD LUCK! 😀

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