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How to Design a Cattery

Are you in the early stages of building your cattery and looking for cattery design ideas? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by this. Once you understand the basics about the space you’ll need to have your cattery running smooth you’ll be more comfortable with the thought.

Episode 3 of the Cat Breeder Sensei Says Podcast will break down the exact number of spaces that is ideal for a new cattery.

Show Notes

Resource Mentioned in this Episode : Feline Husbandry by Niels Pedersen – this is an excellent reference guide that also includes great detail in regards to cattery design.

CFA Article about Cattery Design

If you’re just starting out, you’ll most likely have 3 or 4 breeding cats in your tribe. Ideally, one male and three to four females is an ideal ratio, depending on the breed. You can read more about this in the Course topic “How Many Cats Do You Need“. Even for the smallest cattery, you’ll need a minimum of four (4) separate spaces for your cattery.

Whether you’re using your personal home as a cattery space or implementing a separate cattery idea, the designated spaces will remain the same. You’ll be surprised at how creative you can get when it comes to utilizing your personal space. Here’s another great episode to listen to, where we talk about managing multiple litters of kittens in one space.

cattery design

Always Keep The Cats In Mind When Designing Your Cattery

The goal is always to maintain a healthy and stress-free environment for your cats. The cattery design plays a major role in that.

Study the behavior of cats and how they interact in a multi-cat environment. Listen to this episode where we discuss if intact male cats can share a space. The Feline Husbandry guide that is available in the shoe notes is a wonderful place to learn about multi-cat environment behavior and the effects it has. It can get tricky at times. Depending on the personality of your Queens and Sire, you may need even more additional space than what’s mentioned in this podcast episode. Space is definitely the biggest asset when you’re breeding Pedigree cats!

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