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Adopt Don’t Shop vs. Shop Don’t Adopt

DISCLAIMER: This Episode is in NO WAY meant to attack the # adopt don’t shop enthusiasts. Instead, it’s a different perspective from the viewpoint of a reputable breeder.

Every animal deserves a loving home with a warm bed. There are no exceptions to that rule. A kitten at the animal shelter is just as equally deserving of a good home as a kitten from a breeder. The difference is that you, the owner of that pet, has the choice of where to get your kitten from.

Breeders are constantly being attacked and degraded for the work that they do for Pedigree animals. The crowd of people that are geared more toward adopting from an animal shelter are the ones doing the attacking. Man, they are brutal.

This episode of Cat Breeder Sensei Says explores a perspective of buying your forever friend from a reputable breeder, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about reproducing the Pedigree cats that people so love.

adopt don't shop

Backyard Breeders Need to Be Stopped

Sure, I get it. There are bad breeders out there. They’re the ones who overcrowd their animals, don’t have sanitary conditions, and overbreed. They give breeders a bad name. These are the people that end up on the news with their animals being confiscated. Not everyone is like that. I’m 100% against anyone treating animals inhumanely and ending up in a situation like that.

Another angle to this conversation is to consider a bad pet owner. Do you think they exist? You bet your willy they do! Based on the statistics that were researched before I recorded this episode, I can confidently say that “irresponsible pet owners” are the main reason animals end up in shelters in the first place.

The two main reasons animals end up in the animals shelter are:

  • Owners give them up
  • Animal control finds them in the street

Owners give them up? It’s that easy? You’re moving and you’re not allowed to bring your cat? Guess what, buddy? I’m not moving there! Responsible pet owners think about these things and don’t just “hand over ” the pet that they promised to care for.

Do People Find More Value in Things That They Pay For?

Here’s a thought. If a pet owner pays real money for a pet, do you think they are more inclined to care for that animal for the rest of it’s life? Does a person find more “value” in something that they had to work for? Do people realize the expenses involved in owning and caring for their pet? Check out episode 10 where we talk about the 5 things to talk to your new kitten owners about. It’s our jobs as breeders to educate pet owners and make sure the cats are going to happy, healthy homes!

Adopt don’t shop is a controversial topic, you know. This can certainly be debated and backed up with real life stories.

Be Part of the Positive Movement!

Cat Breeder Sensei Says podcast was created in hopes to bring positive encouragement to the world of reputable Pedigree Cat breeders. We’re tired of hearing about all of the “old school” cat breeders treating everyone like garbage when they try to enter the space. We are all free to make our own choices and should have a positive community of people to help support us.

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