what is a reputable cat breeder

What is a Reputable Cat Breeder?

What is a reputable cat breeder anyway?

There’s likely many explanations from consumers, cat fanciers, and the general public. All of which will have very different views.

With the decision to breed Pedigree cats come the obligation to be reputable. That is a quality that should stay with you no matter what you are faced with. The cats are counting on you, and so are the people who seek you out to acquire their beloved friend for life.

Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.

There is a negative stigma attached to the title of being a cat breeder. We see stories of people that have overbred animals (listen to this podcast to know when to mate your queens), and now they’re being confiscated by the local authorities. These poor cats are in very, very poor condition. They’re not healthy. It’s not a clean environment and they’re not being taken care of. I think this type of situation occurs when things just get out of control and the breeder is participating in these activities for entirely the wrong reasons.

That is certainly not the behavior or reputation of every cat breeder. Without responsible people out there, who are enthusiastic and passionate about preserving and protecting their choice of breed, we wouldn’t have pedigree cats.

Some people may discern that it’s better to adopt than to shop and find it unethical to make money from breeding. You also have an audience that disagrees and prefers to have a pedigree cat in their home. So what can we do as a community of pedigree cat breeders to ensure and cats used in our breeding program and producing as pets for other people are the healthiest, happiest, and safest that they can be? We need to make sure that we’re taking the measures to be reputable cat breeders of these pedigree animals and learning how to breed cats in a responsible manner.

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