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Cat Breeder Sensei is an organization founded by April Katido in 2020. The mission is to provide reputable Pedigree Cat Breeders the positive support and community that they need to improve their practice as a breeder. Through training, events and private communities, we're able to reach numerous parts of the world and help our fellow cat breeding peers with nothing but love and support.

refundable vs non refundable kitten deposits for cat breeders

Refundable vs Non-Refundable Deposits on Kittens

If you’re a Pedigree Cat breeder, you are very familiar with the term ‘Non-Refundbale” Deposit when it comes to reserving a kitten for someone. At what point does that deposit become refundable? What are the scenarios that you’ve experienced that you happily gave the money back? This podcast will explore some real-life scenarios where deposits […]

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