Cat Breeder Podcast

Just when you think that Google has failed you, the Cat Breeder Sensei podcast appears!

For the first time ever, a Pedigree cat breeder is willing to share her knowledge and experience with the public.  in an effort to build a positive supportive community, the podcast focuses on being educated and responsible for your breeding cats.

When you focus on greatness, you will be greatness.

How Social Media Marketing Can Kill Your Cattery

The most common method of marketing for breeders and catteries is Social Media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are where you’ll find plenty of Pedigree cat breeders. But is social media the best strategy for you to build a following? While there are many benefits to using social media as a marketing tool, …

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How to Photograph Kittens Like a Professional

Learning how to photograph kittens will attract attention to your cattery. It’s pretty important to present your kittens in the most beautiful, professional fashion. After all, they are the result of all of your hard work and should represent that in high-quality photographs. Some breeders feel challenged by the thought of taking photographs of kittens …

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selling kittens with breeding rights

Selling Kittens with Breeding Rights

Selling kittens with breeding rights comes with big responsibilities. Making the decision to sell one of your precious kittens to another breeder will take some consideration. It’s hard to release a kitten into the population for reproduction unless you feel comfortable with the breeder. There are several ideas you can explore when it comes to …

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