“Understanding the Tough Realities of Breeding Pedigree Cats: Insights from Experienced Breeders”

Breeding Pedigree Cats is no simple feat. What seems warm and fuzzy from the outside can really be a different story behind the scenes. The things that we can’t see or don’t know about are the things that are really frustrating sometimes.

It takes a certain type of person to be strong through some very tough moments on this journey. The worst part is that most of the “bad things” that happen are out of our control. You’ll constantly be learning from your mistakes and moving forward, hoping to improve with each failure.

In this episode of Cat Breeder Sensei Says, our podcast for Pedigree Cat breeders, some reasons why breeders consider throwing in the towel. This data was collected by active members of our breeding community, the No Judgement Zone Pedigree Cat Breeder Community. The results have been summarized and revealed in this podcast.

If you’re a beginner Cat breeder, and would like to build a foundational knowledge base, be sure to check our course for new breeders.

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