Top 10 Things You Should Know as a Cat Breeder

When you’re first starting out, the amount of information can be overwhelming. It’s hard to choos the path to take to find your education from. Do you find a mentor and hug their pant leg? Do you take an online breeding course? Do you just go with your gut and hope for the best? Thesr are all thoughts that pass through our brains, I’m sure.

After several years of breeding cats, most pedigree cat breeders will agree that there is a “foundation” of knowledge that you need. Then theres everything else. The everything else would apply to those one off situations that you’ve not seen before. These are all part of the learning process.

The podcast will basically sum up some of the most relevant issues that you’ll deal with as a cat breeder. This is a tough love type of message, so grab some coffee and a warm blanky – and embrace the top 10 things you should know about being a Cat Breeder.

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