Cats with Diarrhea, Sneezing or Losing Kittens?

No matter how many Pedigree cat breeders claim to have nothing but “healthy” cats and kittens, they are certainly dealing with (OR WILL DEAL WITH) some of the following issues:

  • Cats or kittens with Diarrhea
  • Cats or kittens with Runny Nose
  • Cats or Kittens with watery Eyes
  • Cats or Kittens that are coughing
  • Queens that are aborting litters premarturely
  • Queens that are losing kittens neonatal kittens

Instead of pointing fingers, we do just the opposite! We’re here to let you know that this can be expected, and what steps you can take if these symptoms arise.

PCR Testing for Accurate Results

The video interview below is Tracy from Cat Breeder Sensei interviewing Daniel Fradkin from Noble Maines Clinic & Laboratory. We’re discussing the importance and the power of PCR testing for your cattery. This is some of the best information for anyone who is experiencing symptoms in your cattery, and don’t know where to go for help.

This Important video discusses:

  • Why PCR Testing is Important for Cat Breeders
  • What are the different types of PCR tests?
  • At what point should a Breeder decide to do a PCR test?
  • How accurate is a PCR?
  • Once the results are back, what are the next steps for remedy?
  • The #1 cause of deaths in neonatal kittens

and MUCH MORE!!!

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