The Crappiest Podcast Ever

At some point, you’ll deal with diarrhea in your cattery. Either from one cat, or from ALL THE CATS. No matter how many cats are presenting with diarrhea symptoms, its never fun.

Sometimes the diarrhea is just a random act of kindness, where it just stops in for a visit. These usually come without warning, and they’re in and out in a flash.

Other times, diarrhea just doesn’t want to leave. It lingers around for wayyyyyyyyy longer than we’d like. It’s the stubborn kind with attitude problems. We have to figure out what it’s problem is and solve it. Yes, the vet is a good first choice but sometimes even the vet can get it wrong and have you jump right into a rabbit hole that has no bottom.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear a real-life story about a massive and chronic case of diarrhea in one of my Breeding cats, all of the failed attempts I made, and what FINALLY solved her issue. If you’re struggling with diarrhea at all, and you’re at wit’s end, give this podcast a listen.

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