refundable vs non refundable kitten deposits for cat breeders

Refundable vs Non-Refundable Deposits on Kittens

If you’re a Pedigree Cat breeder, you are very familiar with the term ‘Non-Refundbale” Deposit when it comes to reserving a kitten for someone. At what point does that deposit become refundable? What are the scenarios that you’ve experienced that you happily gave the money back? This podcast will explore some real-life scenarios where deposits were refunded, and also where they were not.

You’ll even be surprised to hear about a case where the entire balance for a kitten was not refunded.

All of the ideas in the podcast are opinion and based on the personal experiences of the show host. Please use your own discretion when deciding how to do business in your cattery. It’s all your choice.

Cattery Contract Template

If you’re looking for a contract that you can use for your cattery, there is a template that you can use in the Complete Guide to Breeding Pedigree Cats course. You’re welcome to use it, and make changes as you see necessary. The contract offered in the course is not legal adivce and should not be used as such.

Learn How to Breed Pedigree Cats

This online course takes you through the entire process of being a Pedigree Cat Breeder.

  • Deciding to Join the Cat Fancy
  • Cattery Contract Template
  • Registering a Cattery
  • Rules in your State
  • Expenses to Run a Cattery
  • Selecting Cats for Your Cattery
  • DNA and Genetic Testing
  • Designing a Cattery
  • Feline Husbandry
  • Mating Cats
  • Pregnancy in Your Queens
  • Labor and Delivery of Kittens
  • Raising a Litter of Kittens
  • Choosing Buyers for your Kittens
  • Kittens Going Home
  • And Much More!
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