should you let buyers visit your cattery

Should You Let Buyers Visit Your Home Cattery?

No matter where you’re at in your journey as a Pedigree cat breeder, you’ll be prompted with a request from someone to come visit your cattery. Since the majority of catteries are home-based, this means that potential buyers will want to come to your home. How do you feel about this? Should you allow people visit your cattery?

This podcast episode explores the pros and cons of allowing people to come to your home to “see the cats”. If you’re not a big fan of allowing strangers in your home, then there’s also some solutions offered in this podcast about how to overcome this obstacle without being unprofessional.

Those Were the Good Old Days

The last generation of cat breeders “required” buyers to come to meet the kittens before they could reserve them. That’s a little bit of an old-school way of thinking. Buyers shop all over the country, even the world, to find their perfect kitten. It’s not typically viable for someone to visit a cattery to look at kittens. Buyers are pleased with finding their kittens online via photos and videos. As long as they feel comfortable with the breeder, they’re okay with buying a kitten without meeting it first.

If you’ve been breeding for a long time, then adapting to this method might be challenging. But it’s important to know that with technological advancements, this is the way of the future. We’ll never revert to the in-person method of shopping like it used to be.

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