A Simple Process for Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day is a special day for everyone!! The breeder, the kitten, and the new owner. It should be a day that is both exciting and memorable. It can also be a little overwhelming and chaotic if you don’t have a system that you follow for each kitten that goes home.

By creating systems for your cattery, things become more smooth and more seamless. You gain confidence each time these events are played out, making the next buyer even more satisfied with their decision to adopt their kitten from you.

This episode of Cat Breder Sensei Says podcast details a simple and effective process that you can follow on Gotcha Day. When your kittens go home, bring a powerful delivery with the tender care that is expected with the kitten.

Sending Your Kittens Home

Everyone always says “How do you d this, I would keep them all”? What they don’t understand is that sending the babies home to their new parents is a very rewarding experience. Yes, you’ll fall in love with those special kitties that have big personalities, the velcro kitties and the ones that required extra attention. But you get to love them for the time that they’re with you. Then you see them off into their new lives with their new owners! That is a job well done!

For every kitten that you raise and send home, you’re filling someone’s life with plenty of laughter, snuggies, and fun. Memories that will last them a lifetime. And those special kids will be in your memories forever, as well. <3

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