can intact males live together

Can Intact Male Cats Live Together?

For every Pedigree cat breeder, there will come a time when you consider adding a second or third sire to your breeding program. If you don’t have individual spaces for each male to live independently, then he will need to be roommates with another male. Will this fare well with your Sire? Is he going to accept the sharing of his den with another intact male who may compete for the ladies?

This Podcast Episode goes into Detail about Intact Male Cats living together, and how to make the transition harmonious.

Some intact males are very territorial. An indicator of this could be if your boy sprays to mark his territory. You may or may not find it more challenging to have another intact male live with a territorial male.

Introducing the New Male into the Cattery

When you decide to add a second (or third ) male to your cattery, make sure that your introduction period is done very slowly and gradually. Give the 2 boys time to get to know each other by sniffing each other out for a few days. Allow them to see each other without any physical interaction for at least 5-7 days. If after that you don’t see any aggressive posturing, then let them meet face-to-face.

Introducing a new male to an existing Sire might be challenging. It’s best to offer them to each other when the new boy is a youngster 4-6 months old. Once the new boy becomes sexually mature, the relationship may change between the two chaps.

What if Your Males Fight With Each Other?

intact male cats

Peace and harmony is always the goal when you have multiple cats living together. Stress is the number one cause of health related illnesses, so you do want to keep the stress levels to a minimum.

Although you do everything right, there may be times when you see your intact male cats having a bit of s scuffle. That’s relatively normal as long as they aren’t causing cuts, injury, or harm to one another. Observe their body language and if you see aggressive posturing that is uglier than you’d like to see, then separate the cats from each other.

Feliway as a Calming Agent for Your Unneutered Male Cats

Feliway diffusers are a great tool for releasing calming pheromones into the space where your cats are. The scent that is released is similar to that scent that comes from their cheeks when they rub them against something. This is pleasant to them.

Try using a Feliway Multicat plugin in your space with your intact males and see if you notice a difference in their behavior. I think you might! 🙂

The well-being of your cats is what is most important when owning and operating a cattery. Get to know your cats, and accommodate their needs to keep them happy and healthy. This will result in the best outcome for everyone. You can get tips on ideal space requirements for your intact male cats when you enroll in the Complete Guide to Breeding Pedigree Cats online training course.

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