managing multiple litters of kittens

How to Manage Multiple Litters in One Space

It’s not easy managing multiple litters of kittens in once space. Space for your cattery is the most valuable asset that you can have. If you’re working your cattery in your home, you may find it challenging if you have more than one litter of kittens on the ground at the same time.

This podcast episode will explore some options if you’re thinking about having two litters, and struggling with the idea of managing your space. There are different options, so just enjoy the show episode and do what works the best for you!

Queens Sharing The Kitten Nursery

If you’re fortunate, you may have two females that will share their space (and their kittens) with one another. This is also known as “co-parenting” by the females. They will snuggle together, visit each others baby boxes, and even nurse each others kittens. If yo’ure not sure if your cat is pregnant, read this article that will tell How to Tell is a Cat is Pregnant. 🙂

Listen to the episode to hear about a personal experience with co-parenting moms. It worked out fine the first time. The second, not so much. 🙂

multiple litters of kittens

Separate the Kitten Nursery with a Room Divider

If your kitten nursery room is large enough you can divide it into two spaces. This will give your Queens privacy and help them to feel safe while they raise their kittens. Your Queens want to feel safe, that is their main objective.

Queen Cages are Good for Multiple Litters

Queen Cages are another solution for raising multiple litters at once. They keep the kittens contained in a safe enclosure that is easy to clean. This option won’t be a crowd favorite for some, but don’t knock them until you’ve tried them.

In the episode, there’s some discussion about a breeder that I met that uses Queen cages. At first, it was surprising but now I have a better understanding of how nice and easy these could be used for kittens ages 0-5 weeks old, or until they’re litter trained.

" The Best Way to Do Things is Your Way"  

Managing multiple litters of kittens in once space doesn’t have to be hard! Explore the many options that are available. Do what’s best for you and for your cats. As long as they’re happy and stress-free then you’re making the right decision. Once you’ve gotten managing your litters down, listen to this episode to learn how to transport your kittens!

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  1. Gabi Villegas

    Hey there, thank you for sharing your podcasts! Are you able to post a picture of the accordion style wall that you used to creat separate spaces in your nursery?

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