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Breeder Spotlight: Pearls’ Ragdolls

pearls ragdolls

I’m excited to bring Pearls Ragdolls the Breeder Spotlight interview to the podcast series! The goal is to introduce a breeder to our community. Especially one that is a listener of the show and supports positivity to other breeders.

Each Breeder Spotlight episode will allow you to get familiar with the breeder, their chosen breed, and hear a little about how they run their cattery. You are sure to get some tips from experienced breeders if you listen!

Our first Breeder Spotlight is with Pearl Frazier from Pearl’s Ragdolls. Located in Fort Worth, Texas – Pearl is a breeder of Ragdoll kittens.

Her small home-based cageless cattery has a viral following on Social Media. Listen in to this episode as we talk to Pearl about how she got started, how she runs her cattery, and her top 3 “must haves” for every cattery!

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