LIVE TRAINING: Claw Your Way to the Top: Cat Breeders Ultimate Guide to Your Google Rankings, Keywords, and Competitive Edge

In the busy world of cat breeding, being seen online is key to getting potential kitten buyers interested and building a good name for your cattery. Getting to the top of Google searches and using the right keywords are not just fancy ideas; they’re important tools that can really help you stand out online.

Don’t let other breeders get ahead of you. Learn special tricks that can push your cattery up in Google searches, helping more cat lovers find you.

This training is all about doing and learning. You’ll get hands-on experience with Google’s system to help your cattery shine. You’ll find out how to pick the best keywords, make your website better, and use smart moves to be different from the competition. Come join us and start making your cattery a top choice online!


You will Learn To Master Each of These Essential Steps.

> Uncover strategies that will have your cattery rising to the top of the search engines.
> Learn why organic traffic is an essential key to success for your cattery and how you can tap into this gold mine
> Find out which keywords your website is ranking for, and how you can rank those higher in just a few steps
> Discover where your website ranks in Google, and which competitors are getting all the traffic

Key Benefits

Why You Need To Rank Your Cattery

Increasing Visibility in a Crowded Market

When people look for a kitten and find your site first, they’re more likely to visit it. Being one of the first sites they see means more people might choose your kittens over others.

Building Trust and Credibility

If your website is at the top of search results, people are more likely to trust and pick you for their next kitten. High rankings make you look like the top choice and show that you’re reliable.

Targeting the Right Audience

These strategies help your cattery attract people already interested in your kittens by using specific words they search for. More of the right visitors come to your site, meaning kitten buyers.

A training you won’t want to miss

Why Enroll in This Live Training?

Expert Guidance

Learn from experts in the field of marketing who understand the unique needs of catteries and are dedicated to seeing you succeed. No gatekeeping here!

Customizable Ideas

Finding the right strategies to improve your Google rankings can be challenging. This training will offer you a range of strategies specifically designed for cat breeders. You can choose what you want to enhance your cattery’s online presence.

Easy-to-Follow Strategies

We break down the process into simple, actionable steps that you can start implementing right away. You will leave this training with a solid understanding of this essential skill.

Long-Term Benefits

Implementing the strategies you learn in this event will provide long-term benefits, helping your cattery maintain a prominent online presence and attract clients consistently.

Meet the teacher

Expert in cattery business marketing

Tracy Caywood

Tracy has been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years. She has started several businesses and built them to success from the ground up.

She has spent her years perfecting the craft of digital marketing, and when she became a breeder, knew she wanted to offer her expertise to the world of breeders.

That is why she is the perfect teacher to show you the in and outs of crawling your way to the top of Google with ease.

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