LIVE TRAINING – How to Use Your Website To Do All Of The Talking For You

Your website is an incredible powerful communication tool. We’ll demonstrate how transforming your website into an engaging and effective platform can GREATLY improve your cattery’s visibility and appeal, all while keeping a professional and user-friendly experience.

Learn from a digital marketing expert about optimizing your website, understanding online engagement strategies, and discovering opportunities to attract more kitten buyers.

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You will Learn To Master Each of These Essential Steps.

> Importance of a visually appealing layout.
> Best practices for writing about your cats and services.
> How to use storytelling to build a connection with potential clients.
> How to effectively use photos and videos of your cats to attract visitors, and creating compelling galleries and virtual tours of your cattery.
> Utilizing blogs and articles to position yourself as an expert in cat breeding.
> Implementing live chats to enhance user interaction.

Key Benefits

Why You Need To Be Using Your Website to Talk For You

Weed Out Tirekickers

People love to waste our time. As a cat breeder, time is an incredibly value asset. By having your website do the talking for you, you’re weeding out those people who aren’t actually serious about buying one of your kittens.

Consistent Message

Your website acts like your main hub for communication, where you can make sure your message stays the same always. Your website shares information in a steady way. Keeping your message consistent is key because it helps your customers trust and rely on you.

Focus on What’s Important

By creating a website to do all the talking, you essentially create an asset that can continuously work to promote your brand, educate your audience, and drive engagement, all while you focus on other aspects of your cattery.

A training you won’t want to miss

Why Enroll in This Live Training?

Expert Guidance

Learn from an expert in several business ventures that understands the unique needs of catteries and is dedicated to seeing you succeed. No gatekeeping here!

Customizable Ideas

This training will offer you a range of strategies specifically designed for cat breeders. You can choose what you want to enhance your mindset about profitability in catteries.

Easy-to-Follow Strategies

We break down the process of creating a website to talk for you into one for success in an easy to follow way that you can start implementing right away.

Long-Term Benefits

Implementing the strategies you learn in this event will provide long-term benefits, helping you maintain a successful mind set for the life of your cattery.

Meet the teacher

Expert in cattery business marketing

Tracy Caywood

Tracy has been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years. She has started several businesses and built them to success from the ground up.

She has spent her years perfecting the craft of digital marketing, and when she became a breeder, knew she wanted to offer her expertise to the world of breeders.

That is why she is the perfect teacher to help you learn what you need to create a website that works for YOU.

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