So Many Great Ideas FromThis Training

There were so many great ideas from this training. The need to get better at social media to get people to your website vs trying to advertise on Facebook. Facebook is a big place where people tend to sell Savannah Cats. I know I need to have other options and you elaborated on the web page and the funnel process that made so much sense.

You had a lot of great ideas on how to communicate with the client and you showed us quite a bit about your software program but then said it wasn’t available to us. I would love if it would become available again soon with the tutorial ideas you touched on during the class. For now, I will be working more on my website, my client approval process, and my social media presence. I don’t know if I will ever get to the point of them selling in 5 minutes like yours, but there is always hope.
Thanks again
Patricia Streasick
Pocket Panther Savannahs
Warren, Michigan

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