This course is a must

This course is a must for anyone considering breeding pedigree cats. I didn’t really know where to start but this course gave me a starting point and taught me so much about things I hadn’t even thought of. The way it is set up makes it so you can’t just rush through it. It makes you take things one little bite at a time and gives you time to soak it in. I actually looked forward to doing my “cat homework” every day. Since I finished the course I have been reading the blog and listening to pod casts every day to continue to learn new things so that when I need the information I will have at least a tiny bit of an idea what to do about it. We are almost finished setting up our new cattery and we pick up our first kitties next week! I’m so excited for this new adventure. Thank you Cat Breeder Sensei for giving me the knowledge and confidence to get started!

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