When Tracy does a thing,

When Tracy does a thing, it’s obvious that she does it at 110%. She recognizes the technical and cultural obstacles that breeders face in the world of marketing pedigreed kittens. You can see that in her blogs, podcasts, and other resources. The SEO course offered the same level of commitment. SEO is a skill in itself, but she offered more; she shared resources & shortcuts integral to the process. The specificity of the training for our catteries is what you won’t get anywhere else. Sure, I could have taken a certification course online and walked away with the theoretical knowledge, spending fewer dollars, but what I would not have gleaned from those courses is the practical application and actual content evaluation. In other words, the coaching part! Suggestions, sideline cheerleading, frequent reminders, a toolbox with a balanced budget in mind–what should we spend our money on in the SEO tools marketplace and what NOT to buy, and when to buy it. The training also offered something no one else is doing: she helped us manage our expectations of success: how and when to tweak the content to achieve the articulated goals. Tracy provided a strategy which mirrored many other SEO vlogs and blogs that I had been reading, but she helped us develop a specific key-word strategy AND provided primers on the use of the resources for coming to OUR own strategy. Trust me… I hired an SEO “professional” who took my $700/mo. She had a pathetic strategy which would have had me dependent on them for years of service. One year alone would have cost $8,400. The students in this course actually saw improved rankings on their content during the 10-week course. The results are measurable if you do the work. Tracy’s background is rich and so she applies it all in this course because she genuinely cares about people. The training is worth it, but do pick a season in your life when you can devote a few hours per day to the task!

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