Personal Training from an SEO Expert that Will Increase Your Rankings and Drive Traffic to Your Cattery Website

Join this intense and Information Rich 10 Week Personal Training Program where you learn how to go from Zero to Hero in Google Search Engines

Learn how from an expert in cattery seo.

Create the Demand you Deserve For Your Kittens

The more people that see your kittens and your awesome cattery, the more that will want to buy one of your kittens.

You can create that with a powerful long term Google Ranking strategy.

Learn everything you need to join the top ranking Cattery websites in just 10 short weeks.

10 Weeks of Training

Intense and Content Rich

Learn How to Do SEO

Speed up The Learning Curve and Dive In

Get Ranked in Google!

Learn a Strategy to establish your Positions in Google

When Tracy does a thing,

When Tracy does a thing, it’s obvious that she does it at 110%. She recognizes the technical and cultural obstacles that breeders face in the world of marketing pedigreed kittens. You can see that in her blogs, podcasts, and other resources. The SEO course offered the same level of commitment. SEO is a skill in itself, but she offered more; she shared resources & shortcuts integral to the process. The specificity of the training for our catteries is what you won’t get anywhere else. Sure, I could have taken a certification course online and walked away with the theoretical knowledge, spending fewer dollars, but what I would not have gleaned from those courses is the practical application and actual content evaluation. In other words, the coaching part! Suggestions, sideline cheerleading, frequent reminders, a toolbox with a balanced budget in mind–what should we spend our money on in the SEO tools marketplace and what NOT to buy, and when to buy it. The training also offered something no one else is doing: she helped us manage our expectations of success: how and when to tweak the content to achieve the articulated goals. Tracy provided a strategy which mirrored many other SEO vlogs and blogs that I had been reading, but she helped us develop a specific key-word strategy AND provided primers on the use of the resources for coming to OUR own strategy. Trust me… I hired an SEO “professional” who took my $700/mo. She had a pathetic strategy which would have had me dependent on them for years of service. One year alone would have cost $8,400. The students in this course actually saw improved rankings on their content during the 10-week course. The results are measurable if you do the work. Tracy’s background is rich and so she applies it all in this course because she genuinely cares about people. The training is worth it, but do pick a season in your life when you can devote a few hours per day to the task!

Elizabeth Boatwright

Tracy exceeded my expectations with

Tracy exceeded my expectations with this course! Her lessons and instructions were organized, clear, and high-quality. She kept the group really small in order to help us individually as much as possible. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anybody who would want to grow their business online! I especially appreciated her teaching about keyword Research and content optimization, which have already started to pay off. Tracy鈥檚 course is worth every penny! Invaluable information that will help your business grow! Definitely recommend!

Kaleigh Gilson

The Best Experience Ever

This training has been the best experience ever, and I am so thankful for Tracy! Tracy goes above and beyond, making herself available for questions and support throughout the course. She is an expert in this field, and you will not find a better mentor for SEO and website optimization. I wish I could have done this training sooner! It is already making a massive difference in my website traffic, and I am really enjoying applying everything I learned from Tracy. I admit that I was skeptical about applying, but I cannot wait to do more training with Tracy! She is my new role model 馃檪

Elize Stassen

10 Week Training Agenda

Live Training Classes begin on August 21, 2024 and are 90 minutes to 2 hours long. They're held every Wednesday starting at 7:00 pm EST.

Week 1: Introduction and Site Audits

  • The Terminology
  • Setting Goals for Your Websites SEO
  • Site Audits

Week 2: Keyword Research

  • Identify Relevant Keywords for your Cattery's Website (Volume, Competition, Relevance)
  • Tools for Keyword Research
  • Create a List of Keywords for your Website
  • Discover Who your Competition is and a Strategy to Outrank Them

Week 3 : Advanced Keyword Research

  • Long-Tail Keyword Strategies
  • Understanding Search Intent and Strategies
  • Using Keyword research to uncover content opportunities
  • Tools for Advanced Keyword Analysis

Week 4 : On-Page SEO Basics

  • Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, URLS
  • Writing SEO friendly content for your website
  • Importance of Headers (h1, H2, H3) and keyword placement
  • Utilizing image alt Tags for SEO
  • Internal Linking Structures
  • Anchor Text

Week 5: Content Marketing

  • Create Engaging and Informative Information for your Audience (E-E-A-T)
  • Promotion and Distribution Strategies
  • Create a Marketing Calendar / Content Planning
  • Publish a Highly Optimized Article

Week 6: Off-Page SEO Basics

  • Importance of Backlinks for SEO
  • How to Monitor your Website's Backlink Profile
  • Strategies for Acquiring Backlinks
  • Domain Authority and its Impact on SEO

Week 7: SEO Tools

  • Tools to Check the SEO Quality of your Web Pages
  • Tools to Check Your Page Speed
  • Tools To Check Your Website Rankings

Week 8: Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Setting up Goals and Tracking Conversions
  • The Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)
  • Interpreting Key SEO Metrics (Traffic, Views, Bounce Rate, etc)
  • Algorithm Changes


    Week 10: Recap and Plan

    • Update Site Audit
    • Publishing and Promoting on Multiple Channels
    • What To Do If your Website traffic Decreases
    • Keeping up with New Competition
    • The Silent Killers of SEO Rankings

    Only Five Breeders will be Accepted into this Exclusive Training

    Enrollment Fee

    If you'd like to participate in the 10 week personal group coaching program, please submit your application by August 14, 2024.

    If selected, you'll be notified by August 17, 2024 and asked to pay the enrollment fee.

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