LIVE TRAINING: How to Effectively Manage All Of Your Cattery Social Media Accounts in Less than One Hour Per Day and Increase Your Engagement by 1000%

Imagine your social media getting 1000% more attention without making you stressed. You’ll be able to keep people interested and turn them into fans, and soon, they’ll want to buy your kittens. A well managed social media presence is your ticket to this.

Don’t let any chance to grab people’s attention go to waste. Keep them excited and make sure your cattery stands out with all the cool stuff you post.

Join us for a live training where you’ll learn the easy ways to handle all your social media like a pro, all in under one hour a day, so you have more time to focus on the important stuff, making your cattery pop.


You will Learn To Master Each of These Essential Steps.

> How to get all of your social accounts in one place
> How to post on all social media accounts with one click
> How much time you REALLY need to spend on socials
> How to tell which platform is working for your cattery and which one isn’t

Key Benefits

Why You Need To Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Draw in More Eager Cat Buyers

Your social media presence catches the eye of potential cat owners, setting your cattery apart from the competition. These are your channels to reach hundreds of thousands of people each and every day, that are ACTIVELY looking for kittens.

Engage With Your Potential Buyers

By managing your social media accounts, you are utilizing every opportunity to engage with your potential buyers. This builds trust and allows a relationship to bloom that will lead them to wanting a kitten from YOUR cattery.

Build Brand Awareness For Your Cattery

Consistent social media management helps in building a recognizable brand for your cattery. It’s an opportunity to showcase your catteries values, the quality of care you provide for your cats and buyers alike, and what sets your cats apart from others.

A training you won’t want to miss

Why Enroll in This Live Training?

Expert Guidance

Learn from experts in the field of marketing who understand the unique needs of catteries and are dedicated to seeing you succeed. No gatekeeping here!

Build Confidence

Gaining a deeper understanding of social media management and learning new strategies can significantly boost your confidence in handling your cattery’s online presence effectively.

Easy-to-Follow Strategies

We break down the process into simple, actionable steps that you can start implementing right away. You will leave this training with a solid understanding of this essential skill.

Long-term Value

The skills and knowledge gained from attending the live training have long-term value, providing ongoing benefits for your cattery’s social media strategy and overall business growth.

Meet the teacher

Expert in cattery business marketing

Tracy Caywood

Tracy has been an entrepreneur for well over 20 years. She has started several businesses and built them to success from the ground up.

She has spent her years perfecting the craft of digital marketing, and when she became a breeder, knew she wanted to offer her expertise to the world of breeders.

That is why she is the perfect teacher to show you the in and outs of managing your social media accounts to maximize the most of your time.

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