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Training Courses for Breeders

No matter what level you are, or how long you’ve been a breeder – one (or both) of these courses are for you

For Beginning Breeders

Starts from Step 1 to starting a cattery, and takes you through the process of regsitering a cattery, buying cats, genetics, mating, pregnancy, delivery , raising kittens until they’re ready to go home.

For More Advanced Breeders

Detailed information about how to utilize social media, websites, organic traffic and video content to attract our ideal buyer. Also: how to price your kittens, who your ideal client is, using a database and keeping track of kittens once they leave.

Marketing and Branding for Breeders

Marketing is an essential element to your success as a breeder. There’s tons of competition, and we can help you stand out in the crowd with our professional marketing and branding services. If you find yourself struggling to sell your kittens, or constantly posting on social media to get no results, then a new long-term website strategy will add a new element to your cattery. with over 17 years of experience in search engine optimization, we can get the results you need to get organic traffic to your website.

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SEO/ Organic Website Traffic

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