Successful Cattery Business Management Training

There was so much information

There was so much information about things I just didn’t know about, plus the amazing photography suggestions. I can’t wait to get started setting up my website. I definitely need to listen to everything 3 more times. I’m very thankful this was done to help new breeders.

This training was fabulous.

This training was fabulous. The marketing insights shared during the seminar were incredibly valuable, especially as a new breeder who is just starting out in this sometimes ‘closed off’ industry. Nobody seems to want to share their best practices with newbies. This training gave excellent marketing strategies, helpful links, suggestions for computer applications to make …

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I learned so much and

I learned so much and I am so excited to implement everything . I feel like my cattery business is ready for the next level

I can’t thank Tracy and

I can’t thank Tracy and Mallory enough for the enormous amount of information that you both provided to help our cattery become a successful business. I truly am amazed at how efficiently your business is run and how generous you are to have shared your experience, knowledge, and expertise. I am over the moon excited …

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