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Factor XII Deficiency: Did We Get Duped by Wisdom Panel?

Let’s have a chat about Factor XII. This “condition” caught us all off guard when a large percentage of our cats were testing positive as carriers for this genetic trait.

But was it anything to be concerned with? The narrative on the street was YES! In fact I’ve witnessed countless arguments between breeders about Factor 12. Everyone was convinced that you could not mate cats together that carried this gene. Boy, was everyone wrong.

Wisdm Panel now states on their website that it’s “safe” to breed two carriers of Factor XII. See the message below which is a screenshot right off of their website.

wisdom panel factor XII cat DNA testing

Please note: I say “Wisdom Health” in the video – but that’s incorrect The Name is WISDOM PANEL. They also use “Optimal Selection” as a business name.

Even Credible Sources Need to be Verified

The internet is a big place. Any one can type any thing for any one to read. There’s really no consequences for publishing information that is deemed to be incorrect.

There’s plenty of resources available on every topic that you can take the time to do your own research. I will admit that I did research Factor XII on my own, but because of the source it was coming from, I just didn’t want to take any chances and mate two carriers together. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

While you travel through your journey of breeding pedigree Cats, be diligent. Use Common sense. Don’t believe everything your hear. Trust, but verify.

2 thoughts on “Factor XII Deficiency: Did We Get Duped by Wisdom Panel?”

  1. I’ve always used Wisdom before breeding any of my MC. I recently sent one of my boys DNA in, came back as being Bernese!
    I bred him myself, no Bernese in his bloodline!
    Lost my faith in Wisdom.

  2. I wonder if everyone that was affected by their false information can start a class action suit against them! This is horrible. I would be completely devastated if I had to falsely spay or neuter one of my cats. That is awful!

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