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Introduction episode

Cat Breeder Sensei Says podcast is bringing a fresh vibe to the world of Breeding pedigree Cats. Let’s remove all negativity from the space and add fresh, supportive ideas. listen to the Introduction podcast and then SUBSCRIBE to make sure you don’t miss a single episode of Cat breeder Sensei Says, with your host April Katido.

Years ago, when I decided to start breeding pedigree Maine Coons I didn’t know how important it was to get a basic education about breeding cats. In fact, I had the same “initial” theory about breeding that most people do. That is, you get a male, you get a female and you put them together and you have kittens. It’s not quite that easy. In fact, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

I had no idea which direction to take and like most newbies, there was no one who would help. If you’re new and seeking help, you’re probably also getting the door slammed in your face every time you turn around.

When someone really wants to do something, they’re going to do it regardless if they have support from their friends or their family or anyone. Even if it means learning things the hard way.
With Cat Breeder Sensei, you don’t have to learn things the hard way!

Cat Breeder Sensei is about Supporting Reputable Breeders

I believe that most new breeders want to do the right thing. They just don’t know what “the right things” is. To find someone that can help you navigate your way through all of the decision-making is difficult. That’s why the Cat breeder Sensei was created.

After several months, I finally found a wonderful breeder that has helped me through so many situations. She is a wonderful person and now has turned out to be one of the best friends and confidants I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons about breeding Maine Coons from her. She has inspired me, along with the majority of negative breeders that tried to stomp me out, to be the better person in this big picture.

There’s no need for a scarcity mentality. We can support each other and also be successful.

cat breeder support

The purpose of this podcast and our website is to help those people who are interested in being a reputable breeder with integrity by offering cat breeder support. By visiting our website and listening to our podcast you’ll benefit from:

  • Informative and Informational Podcast with Resources
  • Guest Interviews from Highly Experienced and Friendly Breeders
  • A Forum Where you Can Ask Questions about Breeding Cats and Not Get Bashed
  • An entire online course dedicated to teaching you the basics about breeding
  • Blog posts with technical information and helpful data that most breeders don’t share
  • A Safe and Friendly Community that is Supportive of Each Other

If you’re passionate about getting into the space of breeding a pedigree cat, you have good intentions and you really want to do what’s right – and that’s focusing on health, temperament and type of your awesome pedigree cat breed, then Cat Breeder Sensei is for you.

Join the Positive Movement for Pedigree Cat Breeders

Listen to the podcast below, subscribe to it, and make sure you don’t miss additional episodes that come out. Tell your friends about the podcast, share this podcast on your social media accounts and help be the positive change that our wonderful cats need. They’re counting on you!

2 thoughts on “Introduction episode”

  1. Ah! So excited you created this podcast geared towards reputable purebred cat breeding. The world has been missing an educational source like this and now everyone who is interested in breeding the right way can tune in to educate. I look forward to following this channel. Thank you April!

    Matjka Cornish Rex

  2. Well there is a LOT of support, you really must have met the wrong breeders
    I have helped new breeders for at least 10 years now, and I know a lot others who do the same
    I’ve created maine coon education to help new breeders, old breeders also for that matter.

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