is my cat in labor

Is My Cat in Labor?

You’ll never forget the first labor and delivery of a litter of kittens that you sit through with your Queen. It’s a rush of adrenaline, as well as very exhausting. After several litters, you’ll start to become familiar with the behavior patterns of your Queens. The signs will indicate that labor is approaching and that the kittens will be here soon!

Podcast Episode 16 goes into detail about the signs that you can look for in your Queen to tell if she is approaching the labor and delivery of her kindle.


Definition: A litter of kittens

Listen to the Podcast Episode to Learn All of the Signs of a Cat In Labor

How Do I Know When My Cat is in Labor?

The average gestation period of a female cat is about 65 days. You’ll want to start looking for any signs of your cat going into labor around day 62, and through day 70 if she hasn’t delivered yet.

Being able to read the body language of your cats is an amazing gift. If you’re able to recognize her “normal” behavior then it will be a piece of cake for you to tell when she is in labor. The use of her verbal and non-verbal language will give you all of the signals that you’ll ever need.

First Signs of Labor:

The first stage of labor is the one that you’ll always be looking for those signs that your cat is labor. This is the stage that you’re primarily focusing on during this podcast episode.

is my cat pregnant

The contractions aren’t physically evident yet, but you’ll notice behavior from the Queen that validates her “getting ready” process.

During the first phase, the cervix and the vagina are relaxing. Her body temperature will drop below 100 degrees F. The intermittent contractions will begin, but only the Queen will know that this is happening. Queens may linger in the first stage for 36 hours.

Check out this episode to get some tips on setting up your kitten room and nursery!

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