Selling Kittens in a Recession

A recession is defined as a significant, widespread, and prolonged downturn in economic activity. That typically starts with the major markets like real estate and stocks, and rolls downhill to the small consumer.

With recession typically comes the pullback of discretionary spending. Those frivolous buys that were just a drop in the old bucket during “good times” are not as easy to make in a recession. People are more strategic about what and where they spend their money on.

This Podcast Episode talks about what you can do to “recession-proof” your cattery and make sure that there’s still demand for your kittens, even during low consumer spending.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast and have totally new insight on what you could be doing to make your cattery a staple for your breed, leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.

As always, we want to THANK YOU for being part of our Positive Breeding Community and Supporting each other like people who share the same passion should.

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