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Should I Get a Male or Female First – Advice for Breeders

Some breeders will say to get a Stud boy first, while some will say to get a girl first. I don’t know if there’s technically a right or wrong answer, but I can share my experience with you which might help you decide. Remember, I’m no expert but I can take you through a vault of emotions that drives me to write this post.

Which Comes First, the Boy or the Girl?

When I decided to start my journey as Maine Coon breeder, I bought a girl first. NOT THE BEST IDEA. In just a short time, she was having regular heat cycles and I found myself in a panic! Scrambling to try to find a male for her, I was even asking random strangers if they would let me use their male. LOL As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well.

Listen to this podcast episode to discover what I did to solve the problem I had of not having a boy, and how you can prevent yourself from getting caught with your pants down.

female maine coon
Catsvill County’s Ursula Olegavna – Our First Maine Coon Queen

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