hairballs and water bowls

Hairballs, Cat Fur and Water Bowls

This podcast episode is another fun Mashup, where we talk about multiple topics. Some of the smallest tips can lead to the greatest achievements!

There are ideal temperatures in your cattery. Listen in to the podcast to hear the minimum and maximum you should keep your cattery.

Cat Hairballs


This podcast episode will give you some tips on how to manage or prevent hairballs. You can also learn how to help detect when kitty has a hairball, and help ease the tummy.

Cat hairballs are a sign that your cat is an excellent groomer. During their grooming sessions, they lick the hair and swallow it.

Most of the hair will pass through the digestive system. Some will get left behind and turn into a hairball.

Here are some symptoms your cat may experience when dealing with a hairball:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Lethargy

How to Remove Cat Fur Off of your Furniture

The lifelong battle continues with trying to remove your cats’ fur from your bed and sofa. Scotch tape gets dried out too fast. Lint rollers are okay but sometimes it takes the whole roll. So what can you do to quickly and efficiently remove the hair? This podcast episode reveals the secret!

Water Bowls for Kittens

Kittens are notorious for doing cannonballs in their water dishes. They’re just so excited about running and playing that they don’t even see the water. It is clear, after all. This can get messy real fast.

There are hundreds of water fountains and bowls on the market for cats. But when it comes to kittens they need extra care. We need a spill-proof water dish. Listen to his podcast episode to find out about this spill-proof water bowl for kittens!

Electrical Outlet Covers

Do your kitten unplug everything? And chew the cords up? We gotta love the little furry devils. Listen in to the podcast to hear of a cool product that can cover your outlets and cords so that your kittens can’t get to them. You can install that camera after all!

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