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How Many Cats is Too Many?

How many cats is too many? That is a question we’ve probably all asked ourselves at some point. As breeders, we have different perspectives on this topic as a non-breeders might. In order to run a successful cattery, we do need several cats. part of our role is to maintain a clean and stress-free environment for our breeding cats. But what about the pet owners? Should there be a limit on the number of kitties that they have?

This podcast episode will explore this idea. It’s not an attack on one person, breeder or pet owner. Rather a look into the world of pet owners that have “too many” cats coming from the opinion of one person. The objective of this episode is to help you realize that there might be a number of cats for YOU that is too many.

Rules About How Many Cats You Can Have

In some states, there are rules about how many animals/pets a household can own. While there isn’t much evidence that these guidelines are enforced, perhaps the laws are written in the event action needs to be taken with an animal hoarder. That person is in a class by itself. The episode explains what defines a cat hoarder but this isn’t in regards to breeders. This is referring to owners of cats and the number that they own as pets.

If you’re unsure, check with the laws in your county to see if any limits are applied to pets. There are also some regulations when it comes to the number of cats a breeder can have. Check some of the breeding laws. NOTE: Your state may have laws, even if it’s not listed on this website.

how many cats is too many

The Average Household Owns 1.8 cats

After listening to the Episode, make a comment below about how many cats you think is too many (if any) for a pet owner to have? We’d love to hear your opinion on this .

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1 thought on “How Many Cats is Too Many?”

  1. Its not the number its how many you can care for. As we age our ability drops. We may have been able to handle 10 at age 50 but at age 65 maybe only 4. This also includes financial burdens.

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